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Phone: (510) 599-8266

Licensed state: California

About me

Phill Romando

Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Broker

NMLS# 248238 | DRE# 01400033

Phill Romando has over 20 years of experience in the Mortgage Loan Industry who provides a variety of loan solutions to help create the right fit for either a Purchase, Refinance, Home Renovation Loan, Hard Money, Reverse Mortgage, Commercial Loans, etc. He is available to offer ANY financial assistance throughout various States that anyone may need.

Phill lives by a code of ethics that he repeats consistently and implements into every detail of each transaction. As a result, he makes people feel happy by ensuring they have a painless and worry-free experience.

As a smart child at the early age of 13, he possessed unusual discipline by achieving an award for being the only student to attend school without missing a day, and he was also switched over to the High School to take his math classes. He then put that same discipline into work and turned himself into a perennial Loan Officer with extensive experience by closing transactions throughout Northern California, as well as other various locations in the State of California.

He believes that a positive, energetic attitude is an important factor to become successful while in the process of helping whomever he is fortunate enough to meet. By using the mind control to show Love & Respect to all of his fellow human beings, this is what people simply remember regarding Phill Romando:

“I am right, and I will do right.”

Purchase or Refinance?

Feel free to reach out to me at 510-599-8266, I can help you!



Phill Romando| Sr. Loan Officer

Direct (510) 599-8266

Corporate (408) 877-8000


2195 Tully Road, San Jose, CA 95122

NMLS: #248238; CO-NMLS: #320841


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